List of Services

Surveillance Footage

Whether it's 2 angles, 10 or more, we can track movement and action through each camera angle and deliver you single coherent scene from beginning to end. See only the pertinent action with visual enhancements, image processing and time codes. We use time altering enhancements to slow down the motion, when necessary, so each frame may be analyzed.

Cellphone Media

Along with any available surveillance media, more and more, we incorporate  bystander media into the case asset presentation. This up close and personal vantage allows for a unique and active peer into the important moments of any case. With time code and split screen effects, adding cell phone footage to the presentation is a very effective way to dive deeper into the evidentiary media assets. 

Police Officer Body Cam Footage

As more police officers utilize body cams, the need for processing this footage will grow exponentially. This could take your practice many man hours and added expense. We sift through hours of body cam footage to pin point the pertinent moments during an arrest or interrogation. We add captioning so the words spoken may be easily read on court monitors. We also add chapter markers so the footage may be easily navigated during trial or motions. Either a DVD or a file with chapters can be delivered.

Audio and Video Enhancements

When a crucial piece or audio evidence is hard to hear or when the lighting is bad on a surveillance camera, we are able to make the adjustments necessary so the crucial evidence may be used and easily understood. 


When surveillance or other acquired materials are not available to support testimony, a very effective way to do so  is through actor re-enactments. Let our years of experience in the field of scene recreation bring your testimonies to life.